Ozone therapy

What is Ozone?

Ozone is a naturally occurring gas. The molecule of Ozone consists of three oxygen atoms (O3) as opposed to an oxygen molecule that is made of only two oxygen atoms (O2). The extra oxygen molecule on Ozone is caring a negative charge and has a strong affinity to infections because they are positively charged, thus neutralizing the infection sites.  Ozone gas is present in the upper atmosphere and shielding us from the harmful sun-rays. Ozone also disinfecting and purifying the air while binding to positively charged pollutants, this mechanism is greatly appreciated in medicine and dentistry.

What is Ozone therapy?

Ozone therapy is acceptable around the world, particularly in Europe.  Ozone is a great antimicrobial agent that kills bacteria, viruses and fungi while harmless to the human cell. Ozone therapy is a unique form of therapy that both heals and detoxifies at the same time. Ozone therapy is used to treat a variety of dental disease including periodontal disease, cavity arrest, sensitivity and pediatric dentistry, used to speed up healing times with cold sores, mouth ulcers, and implants.

How Ozone therapies work?

Ozone gas has three oxygen atoms; the third atom is detached and is negatively charged. The single oxygen atom that is negatively charges is able to attach to outer coating of bacterial, viruses and fungi and kill it. Human’s cells have enzyme coating and is it impenetrable by Ozone, hence only bacterial viruses and fungi will be destroyed. Ozone kills bad and good bacterial to some extent, but good bacteria repopulate significantly faster than the bad one, thus makes this affect hardly noticeable.

Is Ozone toxic?

Like most things, including water and oxygen, Ozone is toxic if given in amounts that exceed the body’s capacity to utilize it. When it comes to Ozone, it is no different. Ozone is found naturally in the body and secreted during immune response. There are established guidelines that need to be followed while using medical Ozone in the office.

Dr. Baranovitch and her staff are trained and certified in Ozone therapy by Dr. Eric Zerimski, the founder of ozoneoils.

Why we use Ozone for the therapy?

  • Ozone therapy is pain free and noninvasive treatment for adults and kids
  • Improves circulation and oxygen supply
  • Ozone kills ANY type; bacterial, fungal, parasitic and viral, infection – sinus, ears, nasal, throat and herpes.
  • No pollutants created during treatment with Ozone
  • Any waste water is safe and there is no chemical manufacture required
  • Ozone therapy can be done in the dental chair during the appointment

What is Ozone water?

In order to make ozonated water Ozone gas is insufflated into water. Ozone gas is bubbled through the water and slowly dissolves until the water is saturated with it.  At Bio Dental we Ozonate distilled water and use in during all procedures in the clinic.  By ozonizing water we remove bacteria and disinfect everything that it comes in contact. Unlike water chlorination, ozonation doesn’t involve adding any chemicals or any other substances to the water. Ozonation is the most environmental purification of the water.

What is Ozone oil?

Very similar to the ozonated water, Ozone oil is made with Ozone gas that is insufflated into oil. Ozone gas is bubbled through the oil and slowly dissolves until the oil is saturated with it.  Oil that is ozonated is a strong disinfectant and keeps its ability to kill bacteria for a very long time.

How Ozone is used in dentistry?

  • Sensitivity reduction
  • Painless treatment of bacteria and disinfection
  • Periodontal treatment, treating gums and bacteria reduction
  • Sinuses and ear infection treatment
  • Nasal insufflation: Ozone (with olive oil bubbler – ozonides, not straight Ozone. Breathing straight Ozone can irritate the lungs and cause coughing) is supplied through nasal cannulas for a period of time. Best for allergies.
  • Ear insufflation: Ozone is introduced to the ear canal and enters the lymphatic and blood system. Many patients have reported a wide variety of results including relief of allergies, relief of colds, clearing of sore throats and swollen glands.
  • Prolozone: This is a regular prolotherapyinjection followed by Ozone injections into the same area.

Lesion cupping: For non-healing intraoral lesions, infections, or herpes. The lesion is covered with an Ozone-resistant cup and exposed to the gas.